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Rocks Prints - Car Show Photography

Vender Name: Rocks Prints
Area Covered:
Service: Photography at Car Shows
Contact Information: Rock Myers
Rocks Prints

I'm interested in doing photography at car shows. Specifically for the owners on the day of the show. My photographs have been well received by my clients.

The plan:

  1. Set up a 10'x10' tent with samples of my work. I have specialized in larger format prints (13'x19") with or without frame. Brochures will be available with pricing and procedure.
  2. Clients that are interested will show me their car pointing out what they consider the most important details and any special requests. I photograph the car immediately that day.
  3. The following day, I do the necessary cropping, special effects and other Photoshop techniques to complete the collage of the owner's car.
  4. I will then email the draft to the owner for their approval with direction on how to pay for the print... Usually through PayPal.
The prices are as follows:
  • 13"x19" print only - $25.00
  • 13"x19" print with frame - $40.00

Other photography needs for the event can also be discussed. Some shows want photos of the winning cars/owners or just overall "stock" photos for websites, etc.

Sample Photography

Rocks Prints