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SoCal Challengers

SoCal Challengers Logo

What: SoCal Challengers
Where: Events across Southern California
Vehicles Accepted: Dodge Challengers

SoCal Challengers meets regularly at events across Southern California. SoCal Challengers may be seen at charity car shows, at the race track, or traveling single-file up some scenic by-way. Wherever we are, we have a lot of fun because we are spending time with our cars and others who enjoy them as much as we do. It’s a Dodge Challenger thing. If you have one, you know what we are talking about.

We are a diverse group of Southern California Challenger owners who enjoy spending time with each other and our Dodge Challengers at meet and greets, car shows, cruises and track events, and just hanging out. Some are students, others are software engineers, and still others own their own businesses. Some of us are twenty-somethings, and some are much older-somethings. We do, however, have two things in common that brings us together. We are all owners, and share an incredible passion for, the Dodge Challenger. As a club we contribute back to the community through numerous charitable activities throughout Southern California and are a family first car club.

As a SoCal Challengers (SCC) club member you are entitled to:

  • Access to SCC members only meetings when held and rolling into events
  • Any discounts, when applicable, for any events that the SCC participates in such as a track experience or dyno day
  • All access to the web site where you are free to post and participate in the forums and stay on top of all things related to the SCC and the Dodge Challenger
  • web site banner signature
  • You receive business cards to help spread the word to fellow Challenger owners
  • You receive decals for your Challenger, toolbox, or cooler
  • SCC "members only" apparel and items such as the Pit Crew shirts, short and long sleeve shirts, caps, sweatshirts and hoodies

You must attend one event with the SCC and meet with the membership before joining unless you were referred by a SCC member.

We have a $50 non-refundable lifetime membership fee and are a California State NPO with 501 (c) (7) status. Tax ID 37-1595191. No annual dues are required. All membership money is put back into the SCC for its charitable donations, development and membership protection.

Any active or non-active military or first responders are entitled to a 50% discount. Use coupon code "milspec" (no quotes), after you register, during checkout.

Your contribution will support the programs of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, our chosen charity.

SoCal Challengers