Car Show Vender Signup

What’s a car show without venders? Most car shows are looking for venders interested in providing services, entertainment, food and other things of interest to the car show attendees. This also includes products that might be of interest to car show enthusiasts and their families. To help the car show organizers find venders for their shows, Southern Cal Cars is starting up a new section for venders to advertise their desire to be part of the show.

To be included in our venders list you will need to provide the following information. Remember this is an advertisement for your services or booth products, so talk it up. The car show organizers are likely to only call the venders that they think will be of interest to their audience so give us enough information so they can make a good choice.

Send your Vender Information to

Information should include

  • Product or service
  • Distances you are willing to travel (Must be within the Southern California Area), give an idea of where you will be willing to go to be part of a car show.
  • Contact information. Include an eMail Address and phone number as well as who to talk to.
  • Product photos or photos of a booth you've set up in the past
  • If you are an entertainer, be sure to include anything that will help the organizer to determine your style including a picture, music sample (or a link to a music sample) etc.
  • Types of shows you like to be part of
  • Any other information that will help the organizer make a decision to call you.

Information formats

  • Text can either be sent to us in the body of your email or in a MS word document. will not remove information from existing websites so please do not send us your website address and ask us to write your page. While will format the information you send, it should be edited and ready to be placed on an advertisement page.
  • Photos should not be included in the word document or in the body of the email. All photos should be sent as attachments to the email.
  • By sending an image you are giving us the rights to use the image on the web page for your vender information as well as other promotions might use to promote this site.
  • You are also, by sending us the images stating that you have the copyright to the images you send us so that you can give us the rights to use the images.

Advertisement Editing and Removal

If you choose to discontinue your service or need to have information edited you can contact us with the same email address stated above. reserves the right to decline any form of advertisement or remove any existing advertisement for any reason, including complaints from car show organizers, outdated or misleading information or types of venders or entertainment chooses to not be associated with (Let’s keep this to family safe advertisements).