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Coastline Motoring Road Rally

Corona del Mar Coastline Motoring Road Rally

What: Coastline Motoring Road Rally
When: Saturday September 7, 20
Where: Corona Del Mar Coastline
Registration: Exibitors - Free
Non-Exibitor - $20 per car
Registration Form

The 2013 Corona Del Mar Coastline Motoring Road Rally is open to all classes of vehicles.

This Year’s Road Rally Tour is free to exhibitors who are also showing at the Coastline Car Classic. In addition, exhibitors wil also receive (5) extra points on their judging scorecard at the show. Rally participants who are not exhibiting in the Coastline Car Classic can participate at a nominal fee of $20 per car.

This scenic tour will begin with coffee along the California coast and travel through points of interest, ending with an optional lunch and social for a fee of $30 per person. More information will be mailed to you upon registration.