Top 5 Car Accessories to Heat up the Street in Southern California

What better place to take a hot set of wheels on a joyride than under the bright sun and warm weather of Southern California? Not surprisingly, many enthusiasts consider Cali to be the perfect place to strut their ride’s stuff. So, to get the right performance accessories and stand out from the crowd check out this list of the Top 5 Most Exciting Car Accessories for SoCal. They’re sure to get your ride flying down coast highway. And to make your ride a hard-charging, great-handling, strong-stopping street beast,

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Nothing screams automotive exhilaration like the roar of your ride’s engine. Larger-than-stock pipes and high-flow mufflers vent spent exhaust out of the engine quickly, which allows more fresh air to enter the cylinders. The result is a boost in horsepower, torque and MPGs. Regardless of your ride, a cat-back exhaust system adds performance, mileage and a whole lot of attitude.

Supercharger Kits

Engines need fresh air to make horsepower, so why not cram more in? With a supercharger kit bolted to your ride’s engine, horsepower goes through the roof and those palm trees you’re sailing past become a blur.  

Considering the horsepower gains they provide, it’s hard for any performance accessory to beat a supercharger.

Best of all, there are several different types that keep your ride pressurized and powerful from low to high RPMs.


This hand-held tuner gives your ride a boost in performance without you ever picking up a wrench. It simply plugs into the diagnostic port under the dashboard, tunes, and unplugs when you’re done with it. When connected, simply punch in your ride’s info, tap a few buttons and hit the road. The gains in horsepower and torque are felt immediately and can be fully reversed if you want to take your ride to the dealership for service.


With high-performance parts bolted to your ride’s motor, you need a way to control the extra power. And, wimpy stock brake pads and rotors just aren’t up to snuff. They quickly heat up and become spongy under hard braking, putting you and your ride at risk. By installing performance rotors with slots, drilled holes or a combination of the two, the braking system stays cool and provides effective stopping power. Complement performance rotors with a set of show-stopping brake pads such as EBC brakes and your ride’s braking system is ready to tackle the road or track.


Few roads are smooth and straight, so ready your ride for rough roads and sharp turns with performance shock absorbers. These dampers attach to or near the vehicle’s springs and reduce vibrations from the road before they reach the driver, all for a comfortable cruisin’ experience. And, around curves, performance shock absorbers reduce body roll to increase your ride’s cornering ability. There are a few types of shocks available to tailor your street machine’s handling to your liking, ranging from pre-set shocks to fully adjustable spring & shock assemblies known as coil-overs.