RV Insurance

A motor home, camp trailer (travel trailer) or fifth wheel is a major investment. With the larger size of the vehicle, more weight and likely hood that you will be towing a car trailer behind you on the way to a classic car show, you also have and increased liability due to the additional damage you can do if you get into an accident.

While it may seem tempting to forgo buying insurance when you only use the vehicle a few times a year on the weekends, that is really not a good idea. One mistake can see your retirement income disappear. More than ever, automotive insurance becomes a protection for you.

Towing and Roadside Assistance:

Roadside assistance insurance for your RV is really something to consider. Likely while traveling to some of the more distant car shows, you end up in areas you are not very familiar with. If something happens to your RV, it’s a lot easier to call the company on the back of your card with your cell phone than to try an find a public phone to get the number of some tow company you know nothing about. Some companies also offer special travel trailer policies that cover both the towed and the towing vehicles.

Short term or long term insurance:

If you only use your RV a few months out of the year, you might consider checking into a short-term policy. Some companies offer 3 month or 6-month insurance in addition to the usual annual insurance. Usually these short term policies are more expensive by the month then longer term policies, so you might to get a quote on the annual as well as the sort term policies to see if it might be worth paying the little extra for the annual. You never know when you might want to go tone more show for the year.

Insurance Coverage in RV storage:

When not in use you possibly pay to store you rv somewhere. It’s best to check into the insurance companies policy on who pays if your stored vehicle gets damaged. If your RV gets broken into, a limb falls on it, or some other damage happens while it is parked at the storage facility, you likely don’t want to have to hassle with the storage company to fix the damage. It’s much easier to have you insurance company do the dirty work for you.

Insurance coverage for out of the country:

If you are planning to use your RV outside of the country don’t assume that it will be covered. Many insurance companies either do not cover vehicles driven outside of the country, or charge an additional premium if you plan to leave.

Get adequate insurance:

If you’re towing an expensive classic car behind your RV make sure it’s covered. Most RV insurance will only cover up to about $2500 for a towed trailer; some require an additional policy when towing anything behind your RV. In all likelihood your pride and joy being towed behind your RV will cost a lot more than $2500 to replace. Be sure you are adequately covered in case of an accident.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer ways to get discounts on your RV insurance. For example the Good Sam Club offers discounts for Good Sam Club members. Some companies offer muti-policy discounts. If you insure more than one vehicle you get a discount. Some companies also offer discounts for RV with a RV alarm system or other anti-theft devices. While you should keep your RV insured year round for damage due to theft, fire or acts of God, many companies will offer discount for the time you are just storing the RV and not using it. Be sure to add these factrors in when you are shopping for RV insurance.