Hints and tips for making a Car Insurance Claim

No motorist wants to be involved in an accident out on the road even if you do have an insurance policy in place. Unfortunately, collisions and bumps can creep up on us without any warning, especially with the amount of cars about today.

It may be inevitable that some day you will need to make a claim on your car insurance and there are ways of making this easier for you and your cover provider. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Under no circumstances, drive away from the scene of the accident, especially if somebody is injured or property has been damaged.
  • Make sure you get the names and relevant information from everyone involved in the accident, as your insurance company will need this to process your claim.
  • Have your certificate of insurance ready so that you can show it to police or any other party involved if they wish to see it.
  • A sketch of the accident will be very helpful. If possible, show where the accident has taken place and mark any road signs if there are some about.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company immediately, even if you do not plan to make a claim. This will help your assessment and you insurer.

Accident Injury Lawyers

Another thing to consider especially if you or another person in your car was injured is an accident attorney. Insurance companies often like to settle as quickly and as cheaply as possible. If you have been injured this is rarely in your best interest. Doctor bills often continue to stack up long after the accident and once the claim is settled, that’s it, everything else comes out of your pocket.

Accidents are rare, but they do happen and being prepared just in case you are unlucky enough to be caught up in one will only help your claim and ensure that it is processed quicker