Classic Car Classified Sites

The time has come… You wife has given you the ultimatum to get rid of one or more of your babies. It’s a matter of the car or her, and after long deliberation you decide you should keep the wife. So, where do you advertise to make sure that your baby gets the new home she deserves? Local Newspaper? No chance!

That’s where the online Classic Car Classifieds come in. Unlike an average minivan, someone looking for the right classic car is willing to drive a few miles to pick it up. Maybe even have it professionally shipped by an automotive shipper. Online classifieds have a much wider range, instead of only being viewed by people in your local area, you’re advertising to people around the United States and even across the ocean.

Most online classifieds are event free. How to choose? One advantage to free ads is that it is worth the effort to add your car in multiple listings. But not all online classifieds are going to produce the same results. For instance, general add anything style classifieds will probably not do as well a niche automotive Classifieds or Classic car classifieds. Many of the small classic car classifieds are visited frequently by member of the club that sponsors the classifieds giving you a much better chance of finding the right person.

Likely one of the most important items is to have one or more pictures. Most Classifieds sites allow at least one picture to be added.

Classified Ad Photo Tips

  • Often the best shot is an angle shot that shows both the front of the vehicle and the side. Get as close to the vehicle as you can while still leaving a little space on the edges of the photo so you don’t cut off any of the car.
  • A bright but overcast day will defuse the light to reduce glare. Likewise, taking the picture with the sun to your back on a sunny day will help reduce the glare.
  • If you have some sort of image software on your computer. They often have automatic settings to adjust the color and contrast of the picture. This also removes some of the glare and improves the image quality.
  • Make sure your image is optimized for the web and sized down. Usually around 500 pixels wide works well. But some sites have different requirements. If you are having someone else do the photos for you consider having them give you multiple different sizes from about 300 pixels wide to about 600 pixels wide. That way you have the right photo size no matter what the classified ad site wants.
  • When adding your ad to the site use the largest picture they will accept.
  • Optimize the photos as jpegs. And save them at the highest compression rate that still looks good. Most software will let you change the compression and look at the picture, keep raising the compression until you start to see the photo get fuzzy and then go back up one so that it looks sharp again. This will make it easier and faster for you to add your classic car to the classifieds site and make the page load quicker when people are looking at your car. You don’t want to lose the potential sale because they got impatient before the page loaded.

Consider posting to the Craigslists in your area (yes, you can add to more than one, you just need to change your ad so it is not a duplicate). Also consider using Ebay which also has an automotive section.

To give you a hand in getting started, here is a list of automotive and Niche classic car classifieds for you to consider.